Thursday, July 14


The week of the 4th of July was undoubtedly one of the most fun of my entire life. I, along with a huge group of my friends, went to Harbour Island in the Bahamas to celebrate the holiday. Here are some of the highlights and I've tried to include most of what I wore to share with you guys my style preferences for this type of weather.

For a carry-all beach bag, I brought my red metallic Carlos Falchi bag. Another accessory that I could not have lived without was the wide-brimmed sunhat that I recently picked up at Urban Outfitters. I had been looking for one forever. I love being able to take advantage of my breezy whites, silks and brights during the summer and in the Bahamas because New York style can be so different from that of Miami! Especially purchased for the 4th of July nighttime celebration was my Free People blue chiffon dress which I cannot get enough of. I hope you like!

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  1. Looks like a fun trip :D Thanks for stopping by The Stitchy Life and saying hello