Friday, July 29


Dress: Luxe / Shoes: Aldo / Purse: Antik Batik

Say hello to my poop-colored dress! Actually, it's more of a poop fading into blood red, but the coloring is so muted in the polaroids that you can barely tell. Anyway, regardless of the poop and blood, I love this dress. I think it makes poop look fabulous. Without the right styling, it could easily enter into frumpy zone, but throw some feathers and fringe into the mix and VoilĂ ! I have myself a casual Bohemian outfit that makes me wish I was in a Free People lookbook. 

Tuesday, July 26


Some Fall goodies! The only thing that's making me.. kind of.. but not really.. excited for cold NY weather is that I'll be able to wear me some leather and cobalt denim. Leather pants by Siwy and jeans by Current Elliott.


Akris, The Row, Alexander Wang, Celine, Lanvin, Alexander McQueen, Melie Bianco, Sophie Hulme

Ugh.. the things I would do to get my hands on Mary Kate and Ashley's bags from The Row. If you are loving the structured bags as much as I am, check out Asos for some more affordable options. I'm sure you'll thank me when you realize you can wear these with anything.


Necklaces: gifted, Susan Hanover, Jewelmint

1. I love my jean vest.
2. Putting together a neck party inspired by Man Repeller was fun (even though this might not be a party as crazy as hers... more like a neck get-together).
3. Sometimes I enjoy taking self-taken pictures. Sue me!


via Caroline's Mode

Models in doo-rags.

Monday, July 25


My Polaroid camera! I found this baby in a box of my grandmother's old stuff and could not WAIT to use it. Even though film is not the cheapest, I'll manage somehow. This is my way of adding a special touch to the blog - like my own little album of clothes, travels, pretty things, flowers and everything else. So here's my first picture. I decided to experiment with my hair and attempt a fish-tail braid. Maybe somewhat successful?

Friday, July 15


20 years old from Australia and ONLY 5'4. I'm jealous.


images via fashionising, Citizen Couture, dirtyblonde, Streetfsn, knightcat, Little Plastic Horses, Streetfsn, the killing moon, Viciously CYD

Time flies when you're having fun.

Thursday, July 14


The week of the 4th of July was undoubtedly one of the most fun of my entire life. I, along with a huge group of my friends, went to Harbour Island in the Bahamas to celebrate the holiday. Here are some of the highlights and I've tried to include most of what I wore to share with you guys my style preferences for this type of weather.

For a carry-all beach bag, I brought my red metallic Carlos Falchi bag. Another accessory that I could not have lived without was the wide-brimmed sunhat that I recently picked up at Urban Outfitters. I had been looking for one forever. I love being able to take advantage of my breezy whites, silks and brights during the summer and in the Bahamas because New York style can be so different from that of Miami! Especially purchased for the 4th of July nighttime celebration was my Free People blue chiffon dress which I cannot get enough of. I hope you like!


images via FashionGoneRogue

With the creation of this little piece of heaven,  Jenni Kayne has managed to rip my heart out and chop it into a billion little pieces because of how distraught I am at the thought of not being able to own ALL OF THIS COLLECTION. I love everything about it - the tapered trousers, the easy bright dresses and tunics, the jackets.. it couldn't be anymore perfect.