Thursday, January 26


Let me introduce you all. Firstly, blogosphere, meet SLR camera. FINALLY, something to spruce up this page up! In honor of this milestone in the developmental process of FashionStamina, it would only make sense to have a celebratory outfit post. So, here I give you: the most boring outfit post you're ever gonna get. By that, I mean nothing too exciting or Vogue-worthy to feast your eyes on like you may find in some other blogs that have been around for longer, just some experimental shots taken in Auto-mode. Patience is key, friends, and the Instruction manual to this baby is going to take me days to learn. So here I am, you know, just walking out the door... standard action shot:
This Helmet Lang skirt is another friend I'd like you to meet. Instead of business in the front & party in the back, this skirt has business on one side and party on the other. I fooled ya with the innocent maxi-skirt getup did I? Just a double-take later and your checking out some serious leg action -- aka. the perfect opportunity to flaunt new shoes. On with the standard candid shot:
Incase you're wondering, the sweater on my upper half resembling a sack was once metallic. I still love it in all of it's worn out glory. Cue expected posed shot:
Sweater: H&M / Skirt: Helmut Lang / Shoes: Zara


Tuesday, January 24


from top: Jil Sander men's Spring 2012, Acne Pre-Fall 2012, Emporio Armani Spring 2012, Versace Spring 2012, Dior Spring 2012, Philip Lim Spring 2012, Jason Wu Spring 2012, Love Aesthetics

I first caught wind of this trend during my internship when I helped at a GQ Russia men's Spring trends shoot. I had never seen anything like the Jil Sander men's clear PVC jackets and although wearing transparent pieces might be just a little gutsy for me, I am all for accessorizing with see-through. Imagine those Dior bangles in a tropical island.. prettyyyyy.


You would think us Miami-ers would see the most variety of bikinis than anyone else does, but it is rare for me to see anything out of the ordinary. I discovered We Are Handsome from Miami Swim Week 2011 and I was pleasantly surprised. Their latest look book titled "The Romantic" is so freaking awesome that I'm considering typical bikinis a thing of the past. Summertime is bittersweet: we're offered the delicious weather but presented the challenge of expressing personal style with a scarcity of outfit options. Forget your studded jackets, your chunky leather boots, your leather pants and your layers of covetable knits and furs. Unless we want sweaty pits, heinous swamp-ass and an elevated risk of suffering from a heat stroke, we're basically stuck with coming up with different variations on the classic short/jeans with tank top look or a sun dress - yawwnnnn. The fact that We Are Handsome empathizes with the distress-stricken out there looking to stand out among the plethora of shorts-and-t-shirts girls and gives us a bold, different and daring version of a one piece makes me think that I may have it a little easier this Summer. Ignore the fact that this was shot in Miami Beach (shocker) and check this out. Peruse their past look books on their website or shop We Are Handsome here.

Thursday, January 19


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Ahhhh yes, the perfect trend for Spring. Why, you ask? If you're like me, winter hibernation means tons of layers. Tons of layers means no bikinis. No bikinis means I'm eating whatever I can before the dreaded dieting commences. Here comes the most darling silhouette to give everybody the illusion that my waist exists and what hides under the flare of fabric is a mystery, giving me the teensiest window of opportunity to get my ass to the gym before summertime sneaks up on me. This clever - and very pathetic - scheme mapped itself out in my head when I realized how many designers have included tons of peplum fun in their collections, including Cushnie et Ochs, Marc by Marc Jacobs, Karen Walker, Jason Wu and Thakoon. Leandra Medine of The Man Repeller not only has a head start on this look in a delectable little number by MiuMiu, but once again makes it hard for the rest of us to keep up with her awesomeness by layering a draped pencil skirt under it. Holy girl crush.

Tuesday, January 17


images via fashionising

In my opinion, Stella McCartney's Pre-Fall 2012 collection embodies everything that makes her such a genius. Impeccably crafted garments and flawless tailoring aren't the only things that never fail to impress me - it's the twist she puts on them. It's the, "What the hell was she thinking?" factor that I love and the tingly feeling I get when I realize that I have never before imagined myself wearing a suit with random crests all over it until she made it look so cool. Let's face it, fashion would be pretty damn monotonous without people like Stella putting stuff like this on the runway. Now that I've finished my rant about how awesome she is, let's discuss this sweet little concoction. I tried narrowing down all of the looks to the ones that I thought were the most interesting and ended up with 20 pictures so you can obviously tell I had some trouble pinpointing which were the most dicussion-worthy. My favorite pieces are those featuring a super-cozy buffalo plaid, but I do appreciate the fact that now (according to Stella) we can apparently don sweatpants or printed suits that would seem like every private school student's nightmare on a more formal note. What do you guys think of this collection?