Tuesday, August 9


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This whole dog-face-on-sweater Fall trend is so nerdy and I love it. My favorite looks have to be the Wildfox bathing suits because of how different they are than the usual swimsuit. And, of course, because you can never go wrong with Wildfox!


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More of a love/hate relationship with August. Just a few weeks before school begins.


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I've been meaning to show you guys my newest and most favorite ring made by Black and Blake! It's made with two onyx skulls and gold filled wire. A friend of mine from Miami makes these edgy pieces that have even been worn by none other than the amazing Man Repeller herself. I'm telling you.. this is some seriously badass shit. I will keep you posted on where you can purchase it when she gets her site up and going but until then show some love and "like" Black + Blake on Facebook!

Tuesday, August 2


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I'm loving this wallpaper print trend for Fall! It gives me the excuse to not feel obligated to completely chuck all florals from my winter wardrobe and add some color to my array of black and grey knits. These kind of remind me of walls you would see in a quaint little hotel room in Italy or patterns from the Baroque era. So if you don't have the budget for Balenciaga, Celine or Stella, check out the Asos or Tibi options. Or, if you really need to, rip that paper off the bathroom wall that you've always hated and put it to better use! 

Monday, August 1


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In my eyes, the Miu Miu Fall/Winter 2011 shoe collection is comparable to an assortment of mouthwatering candy that I would stuff into my purse if I ever had the chance (nomnom). Until then, however, I will have no problem settling with a glittery pair of sugariness similar to the one featured in Aldo's Holiday ad campaign. These are so cute and festive! New Years, anyone?

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