Monday, November 14


Wow. It has been FOREVER since my last post. I can't even describe to you guys how hectic my life has been over the past month. I've wanted to blog so badly - it's a major stress reliever and hobby of mine - but just haven't gotten the chance! The stamina is lacking right now to keep up with fashion and my blog, but I promise I have valid reasons! I recently scored an internship with Vogue/Conde Nast and have had the opportunity to help out at some CRAZY photoshoots for GQ Russia. Seriously, guys, this has opened my eyes up to a whole new love - menswear! I'm posting a few pictures below to give you an idea of what this amazing experience has been like. Aside from that, I'm still working my Intermix job AND going to school, so my weeks are jam-packed with not a single day off. Finally, the cherry on top of it all is that my rush to find an apartment before the semester ends has finally ended and I can now call Saint Mark's Place my street. If, out of curiosity, you're wondering what my new pad is like, just walk into your closet and imagine a bed in it. We're paying for the location, people. Lots and lots of love!!

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