Monday, September 12


A friend and I headed to Milk Studios for the Simon Spurr Menswear runway show and then to Lincoln Center for Custo Barcelona. There is nothing I love more than a man who can dress, so you might imagine that I melted when Simon Spurr sent cute tall boys down the runway in suits with leather sleeves, shirts and knits with bold stripes and cool trench coats. Oh, and Ed Westwick sitting front row in a dashing suit looking like he came straight off the set of Gossip Girl. See it for yourselves.

Moving on, love took on a whole new meaning when I laid eyes on the Custo Barcelona collection. Neon lights and provided 3D glasses created a psychedelic ambiance which was even further emphasized in the crazy prints, sequins and colors when the models walked out. The show began with pairs of men and women that the designer created similar looks for. The rest featured insane platforms with spikes, glittery fabrics, bold swimwear and NYFW's favorite! -- greasy ponytails. Basically, it was a runway on some reaaaaal addicting drugs. 

The dress above stole the show for me. Now after seeing all of this fabulousness, I'm sure you probably won't be too taken aback with my outfit. But, what the hell, here's what little ol' me wore on this fine day..


  1. very cute :) love skirt ::
    You might want to watch me
    You're making me very happy

  2. Thanks so much!! And yes, I had a wonderful birthday. So blessed to have such amazing friends and family.
    Your blog is really great! And your outfit above is awesome!

    Follow me & i will follow you :)