Thursday, December 15


turtleneck: Gap / pants: Siwy / boots: Forever 21 / bag: Asos / jacket: Min-k

Ahhh, the dreaded outfit posts. I have to admit that I'm NOT so good at this, but I've taken some advantage of my boyfriend being in town to waltz around the city in cool outfits trying to pretend like I always have a photographer on-duty and wear perfectly put together looks on a daily basis. I will say that this is a nice break from the usual bun-on-top-of-head and leggings "I'm late to class again" ensemble. Anyway, I've featured some of my most prized closet possessions all in one outfit.
Exhibit A: oversized turtleneck (keyword: oversized). This season, the bigger your neck, the better. I actually bought this one on sale for something, like, $40 at The Gap 3 years ago for a ski trip. Little did I know that Stella, Chloe, Theory, Helmut Lang and friends would be competing for sweater's thickest neck seasons later and my steal would prove to be triumphant. You can check out a similar option by Vince here.
Exhibit B: Siwy leather pants. I think they speak for themselves.
Exhibit C: Min-k jacket. I love this thing so much I could practically sleep in it. Min-k NYC on Mott Street in NoLita is one of my favorite boutiques. I discovered it last year and try to stop by every once in a while to make off with something really special to add to my wardrobe. Every piece in the place is different and if you're a fellow New Yorker, you should stop by! This jacket has good vibes all around and I love weird-but-cool things (that's a pretty accurate description, don'tcha think?)

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  1. Love this post. And completely agree with you. I don't think I ever look put together either. But you look great!
    I'm following now too =)