Tuesday, January 24


You would think us Miami-ers would see the most variety of bikinis than anyone else does, but it is rare for me to see anything out of the ordinary. I discovered We Are Handsome from Miami Swim Week 2011 and I was pleasantly surprised. Their latest look book titled "The Romantic" is so freaking awesome that I'm considering typical bikinis a thing of the past. Summertime is bittersweet: we're offered the delicious weather but presented the challenge of expressing personal style with a scarcity of outfit options. Forget your studded jackets, your chunky leather boots, your leather pants and your layers of covetable knits and furs. Unless we want sweaty pits, heinous swamp-ass and an elevated risk of suffering from a heat stroke, we're basically stuck with coming up with different variations on the classic short/jeans with tank top look or a sun dress - yawwnnnn. The fact that We Are Handsome empathizes with the distress-stricken out there looking to stand out among the plethora of shorts-and-t-shirts girls and gives us a bold, different and daring version of a one piece makes me think that I may have it a little easier this Summer. Ignore the fact that this was shot in Miami Beach (shocker) and check this out. Peruse their past look books on their website or shop We Are Handsome here.


  1. I agree, I like seeing new designs and outlooks on the summer fashion. I tend to gravitate towards dresses and skirts because I hate how I look in shorts haha. All of these pictures are maing it hard for me to appreciate winter