Tuesday, January 17


images via fashionising

In my opinion, Stella McCartney's Pre-Fall 2012 collection embodies everything that makes her such a genius. Impeccably crafted garments and flawless tailoring aren't the only things that never fail to impress me - it's the twist she puts on them. It's the, "What the hell was she thinking?" factor that I love and the tingly feeling I get when I realize that I have never before imagined myself wearing a suit with random crests all over it until she made it look so cool. Let's face it, fashion would be pretty damn monotonous without people like Stella putting stuff like this on the runway. Now that I've finished my rant about how awesome she is, let's discuss this sweet little concoction. I tried narrowing down all of the looks to the ones that I thought were the most interesting and ended up with 20 pictures so you can obviously tell I had some trouble pinpointing which were the most dicussion-worthy. My favorite pieces are those featuring a super-cozy buffalo plaid, but I do appreciate the fact that now (according to Stella) we can apparently don sweatpants or printed suits that would seem like every private school student's nightmare on a more formal note. What do you guys think of this collection? 


  1. Stella MaCartney's pre-fall is fantastic. I love the structured pieces, the white jacket and black dress - amazing! The way she incorporates patterns into these pieces are amazing.