Thursday, January 26


Let me introduce you all. Firstly, blogosphere, meet SLR camera. FINALLY, something to spruce up this page up! In honor of this milestone in the developmental process of FashionStamina, it would only make sense to have a celebratory outfit post. So, here I give you: the most boring outfit post you're ever gonna get. By that, I mean nothing too exciting or Vogue-worthy to feast your eyes on like you may find in some other blogs that have been around for longer, just some experimental shots taken in Auto-mode. Patience is key, friends, and the Instruction manual to this baby is going to take me days to learn. So here I am, you know, just walking out the door... standard action shot:
This Helmet Lang skirt is another friend I'd like you to meet. Instead of business in the front & party in the back, this skirt has business on one side and party on the other. I fooled ya with the innocent maxi-skirt getup did I? Just a double-take later and your checking out some serious leg action -- aka. the perfect opportunity to flaunt new shoes. On with the standard candid shot:
Incase you're wondering, the sweater on my upper half resembling a sack was once metallic. I still love it in all of it's worn out glory. Cue expected posed shot:
Sweater: H&M / Skirt: Helmut Lang / Shoes: Zara



  1. very nice shoes! i follow u! follow me on smack!

  2. What a cute skirt! I woulkd love to wear something like that in the spring

  3. Hey Dear! i just read your comment at my blog, thanks for the following...i'm already following you too.

    P.S. Borrow me your sweater please. haha

    Love, Nina

  4. your blog is incredible! we love it! and the sweater on this post too.
    we follow you :)

  5. Omg that skirts so cool AND those shoees are just utterly incredible incredible babe- snake skin and tan they look like art not shoes haha:D lovely post hun P.S thank you for your lovely post on my Tangerine Post it means so much XO